Tips on How To Clean Your Carpet

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Tips on How To Clean Your Carpet

A stained carpet can be a real eye-sore especially if the carpet is light in color. This article will provide information on how to clean your carpet.

Here's what you can do:

1) Rent a carpet cleaning machine (if possible). These are available at most grocery stores and super stores. Read over the instructions and pick the machine you feel is most appropriate for your situation. Purchase the cleaning solution required by the machine. Purchase a spot treatment for your carpet if needed as well.

2) You must remove any furniture from the carpet that you want to clean.

3) You must vacuum the carpet to remove any excess dirt from the surface. This should also expose any hidden stains.

4) Stay out of the room until the carpet is completely dry. You may choose to turn on a fan to speed up the drying process.

5) Look over the carpet once it is dry and decide whether you want to re-run the machine. It can take more than one time to clean a carpet if it is really soiled. Re-run the machine or return it to the store if you are satisfied.

If these tips won't work, you will have to dial a Carpet cleaning professional now.Nike Sportswear

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