Need to replace 2 water heaters in our new house...advice?

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Need to replace 2 water heaters in our new house...advice?

We're buying our first house, in CA. Very excited! It's a remodeled house built in 1962, and it has two water heaters: a 30 gallon one near the kitchen side of the house, and a 50 gallon one on the bathroom side (the Master Bath also has a jacuzzi tub, if that's relevant). They're both over 6 years old (the 50 gallon is 10 years), and it was suggested that we'd be wise to replace them, especially since there's no pressure relief valves and they're not vented properly either.

Obviously if we have to replace them, we want to find the best option for our tight budget (the bank account is getting depleted by the house purchase!) that will last us a while and be adequate for our needs. Energy efficiency would be great, too.

I've looked into tankless heaters, but my concern is that I seem to read a lot of reviews saying how the units constantly break, that they cost a lot to install, and that you get bursts of cold water randomly sometimes while showering (ugh...I hate that! I like my water close to scalding...I'm always cold). Has this been true in your cases, if anyone has one? Do you find that it's worth the extra cost? Or are we better off with a tank heater? Since there's two, can we expect high bills?

What does everyone recommend? We know absolutely ZERO about water heaters, as we've only lived in apartments and never had to deal with them much! :D Nike, N Balance, Balance Shoes, Nb Balance, N Balance Shoes Organizations

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