hiding unsightly and potentialy dangerous cables

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hiding unsightly and potentialy dangerous cables
Hello ladies!!  After receiving so many useful tips from this website and its members - i thought i'd share my own! If like me you've find your house shrinking and your children grow and electrical items like game consoles multiply!! wires seems to be srpinging out of every corner of the house! I've started using this product called D-Line trunking which runs along the top (or bottom) of your baseboard and blends amazingly with it! it's self adhesive so its just a case of chop,peel and stick in the right places and run your wires through it. It's been super helpful with cleaning and keeping the rooms looking tidy - I think it's fab to keep young ones safe as well as I was always worried they'd get tangled in them/chew them etc! (same goes for misbehaving puppies!) They've got loads of fab products in a similar vein ont heir website too! Hope this helps!! BC
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