Decorating a New Home!

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Decorating a New Home!
I can relate well with the subject since I just recently move in in my new home last month.  I decorate depending on my wants and desire in life.  I mean, we all wanted to have a homey place isn't it? Something we can call our own and can give us real comfort. As for my wall painting, I painted it red since it's my favorite color. I attached some wall decorations as well to make it more appealing and not be barren or dull. I putted paintings and portraits. I am passionate about this stuff and I do collect some of it. What's special about these paintings are they are all customized and personalized. I used my own photos as subject or reference for it. I got the idea from , a website I found on the net while I'm browsing for some creative crafts and arts. That's when I started to collect these customize collection I have right now. As for furniture, I am still in search for it. What do you think is the right furniture and home accessories for a writer/blogger and art lover like me?
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