Completing your Kitchen: Tips for a Perfect Finish

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Completing your Kitchen: Tips for a Perfect Finish

When putting the last finishing touches on a kitchen, there are a few tips to use to ensure a unified, unique, and sophisticated result.

1) It is important that your kitchen’s finishing touches are polished classy, not tacky or gimmicky. You can have kitchen details that are bold, yet subtle blending into the room while still standing out. You should keep in mind hardware with original details, a great molding, a tiled mural, stenciled details, or a hand-painted mural. You can also buy uniquely designed kitchen accessories such as salt and pepper shakers, a wine opener, or others.

2) Keep a stack of cotton hand towels and change them at whim. One week they can be mint-green and white, and the next they may be pink-and-white check. Or you can put towels of different plaids or checks in a pile. For everyday use, the cotton kitchen hand towels from house-wares and kitchen supply stores are ideal. They’re inexpensive, absorbent, colorful, and don’t need to be ironed. If you enjoy a pastel color palette in the summer, in the winter you may choose sunrise-yellow and grass-green. If all the colors you pick have the same chroma intensity, they will work well together. Just as the rainbow harmonizes different colors, so can you. The key is always in the clarity of hue. Never mix toned-down, neutral colors with clear colors. The eye will reject the dull color in favor of the clear one.

3) You can create a beautiful impression by creating a still-life composition with arrangement of objects, you should keep in mind how it will look – that means you should think about the sizes of the objects as well as the color. If you would like to make an arrangement of two to three objects, make sure that they vary in size with one of them being larger. That way they will look as if they belong together and are there for purpose, not ended up there by some chance. Think of where you hang it as well – if it would be above where one would normally sit, make sure that it is high enough so that no one would hit their head on it. You can also use clear containers of pickled vegetables and spices.Puma Rihanna

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