How To Recaulk a Sink

Begin to scrape away at the old caulk using your tool. Be careful not to scrape the sink's porcelain or surrounding surface. If you find the caulk is too hard and not budging, you can heat it with a hair drier, then scrape it while it's softened.

Three Coins in Your Fountain

How to bring the soothing sounds of cascading water to your home.

Love the sound of flowing water? Want to bring the tranquil feeling of a running brook to your own backyard?

It's easy to create the feel of a serene paradise at home by installing an outdoor fountain in your backyard, front porch, patio, deck, or even on a small balcony. Outdoor fountains come in many different shapes, sizes and styles such as waterfalls, birdbaths or garden planters and can be freestanding or wall mounted.

Goodbye Smelly Garbage Disposal

My Garbage Disposal Stinks!
Bring a Fresh Lemon Scent to your Kitchen Sink

Nothing ruins your appetite faster than a rancid odor. So the last thing you want in your home is for your kitchen to smell like the city dump. If you've got a sour odor floating about your kitchen and you've removed the usual suspects like rotting food or an overflowing trash can, sniff-test your garbage disposal.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning out the Gutters is anyone's favorite job, but it's got to be done. Here's how to do it right.

" />They may be no more than an afterthought to many homeowners, but those little gutters do a big job! Well-functioning gutters prevent your home from floods, rotten siding and other moisture-related predicaments. With all the time and effort you have put into improving your home, it's important to protect it from the elements.

How to Unclog a Drain

We've all stared at a stubborn, cloudy puddle of water in our sink and thought, "Now what?" Anyone with indoor plumbing has come face to face with a clogged drain. Luckily, fixing a clogged drain and avoiding one in the first place is simple. Before you call the plumber or spend money on a harsh drain cleaner, read this.

The Problem

How To Replace a Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat is one of the simplest home improvement tasks ever.

First things first: close the old seat and lid on the toilet to access the bolts at the back that fasten the seat onto the toilet bowl. If necessary, pop off the plastic caps that cover and protect the bolts. You can use your flathead screwdriver to lift these plastic caps off the toilet (don't worry about breaking them since you're getting rid of that seat anyway).

How To Change Your Showerhead

A spa-style showerhead is one of those luxuries that's so affordable we think everyone should have one in her home. See how having a showerhead you love will kick start your day the right way.

How To Install a Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are not only functional, but they can transform your bathroom into something exceptionally dramatic. See how you can wow your guests. Remove the old sink

Shut off the water supply by turning off the valves at the base of the sink.

Disconnect the old sink's plumbing using a plumber's wrench, making sure to keep plenty of rags and a bucket handy to catch any excess water that drips out of the pipes.

Bring the Spa Experience Home - in 30 Minutes or Less!

When you think of the shower you took this morning, how did you feel afterwards? Were you relaxed? Invigorated? Or, were you thinking, "I've got to change out that lime encrusted thing!"

Plumbing 101


n1: The pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus of a water, gas, or
sewage system in a building. n2: The work or trade of a plumber.

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