Painting and Staining

How To Update a Bathroom Cabinet

It's easy to take a bathroom cabinet that looks outdated and turn it into something fresh and new!

How To Remove Wood Paneling

Is that Groovy 1970's paneling starting to get to you? The answer is simpler than you might think! Forget tearing it down&you can fill in and paint the paneling!

To Prime or Not to Prime, That is the Question!

Written by Be Jane's own Heidi Baker
What is and how can it help you?

Ready, Set, Paint! Preparation for Painting

You've bought all of the supplies to paint but have you prepared
the walls? Did you know you should? Well, here's a few small
tips that will make painting easier and your finished product look
like it was painted by a pro.

What Can I do While I'm Pregnant?

While we typically encourage taking projects on yourself, being pregnant creates a few risk factors to consider before getting started. See what’s safe, at least for the next 9 months.

The Color of Love

What emotions do different colors evoke? Find out now.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Paint Away Your Problems: How To Paint Over Wallpaper

So you've been living with wallpaper you've hated for ten years. But, you're finally going to DO something about it! Good for you!

Then you look around the room and see just how much wallpaper there is to remove. You've heard the rumors, the myths, the stories about how labor intensive removing wallpaper can be. Don't let that stop you, because we've got GREAT news: You may not need to remove it at all!


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