Painting and Staining

How To Properly Paint a Red Wall

Like fashion, nothing makes a statement like red. But before you grab a paintbrush and that can of cherry, rust, or ruby, heed the story of this month's Jane-in-training, Jeryl.

How To Paint Wood Grain

Are you thinking of embarking on a painting project but lack ideas? Adding a faux finish to your walls could be just what you need to spruce up a blah room.

How To Refinish Your Shutters

Step 1

The Color Barrier: What to do When You Can't Agree

He wants blue. You want yellow. Take heart though, this isn't as hard as it seems. See how you can come to a decision you both can live with.

Painting Technique: Faux Leather

If adding some warmth and texture to a room or two is for you, than a faux-leather wall may be just the project. A fabulous looking faux-leather paint job is surprisingly easy to create with the right tools and a little direction. Even if you doubt your talent as a painter, it's easy to get a professional looking result with just a little effort. Read on to find out how to fool your friends with faux.

How To Paint and Protect Your Outdoor Pergola

Pergolas are a charming accent to any outdoor living space. They are aesthetically pleasing, romantic to dine under and serve as a great escape from the midday sun.

How To Refinish a Teak Table and Chairs

While there's something distinguished about old weathered teak, it looks best when kept oiled to a golden luster. Discover how easy it is to bring teak back to its glorious, golden days.

All About Brushes: How to Paint the Town the Right Way

Whether it's a modest touch-up of the guest bathroom or a complete redo of your cathedral-ceiling living room, the right tool for your next paint job can go a long way in determining the end result. You may say, "It's a brush, how hard can it be?" The answer lies in this simple analogy: the difference between an adorable finger-painted masterpiece and an exquisite watercolor of your favorite scene. Given all factors being equal (skill, age, paint)--the tool--makes all the difference in the world. And while we love finger paints, sometimes the job calls for a more precise application.

How To Paint that Garage Door to Look Like Wood

Tired of staring at that massive white on white garage door every time you pull up to the house? Faux painting to the rescue!

How To Stain Your Concrete Driveway

Though, a new crop of concrete stains you can apply yourself, learn how you can turn that bland and ugly driveway into a beautiful and bold statement.


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