Lighting and Electrical

Give New Life to Your Exterior Lights

Are your exterior lamps looking totally out of place? Bring them back into the fold with a simple spray paint face lift.

How To Install Pathway Lights

Looking for a front-yard upgrade that'll have visitors beating a well-lit path to your door? The answer is an easy to install pathway lighting set.

How To Install a Light Fixture

If you really want to make an impact in a room, there's one project that will instantly add the "umph" factor you're looking for: install a new light fixture!

How To Install Outdoor Lights

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about how to light the inside of our house to add personality, ambience and to see what we're doing after the sun goes down! But you might be forgetting the one place lighting can have a significant impact - the exterior of your home.

Electricity 101

Electricity can be scary for those of us who have yet to tackle an electrical project, but just like a woman - electricity just needs
a little respect!

Add a Little Heat to Any Room With a Faux Fireplace!

A fireplace typically adds so much more than just warmth. As the
central gathering place, the fireplace is often the focal point of any
room. But, unfortunately, we're not always lucky enough to have

How to Install Pathway Lights

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