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Find Your Kitchen's Hidden Space

If you are living with a kitchen that feels too small or crammed with stuff, there are a few tricks to make it feel and look more spacious.

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How To Accessorize Your Cabinets

Accessorizing is too important a concept to be confined to just dressing up. The fact is that many things, from the perfect Christmas tree, to the perfect patio come together because of the little touches that pull it all together. If you think of a newly made-over room as a little black dress, the hardware details you add are akin to elegant pearl earrings -- subtle, classy, must-have accessories. And when it comes to updating the kitchen, pulls, knobs, and handles are truly the jewelry of the kitchen cabinets.

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How To Transform Your Closet into an Office

Creating a room that could do double duty-a home office and a guest room-is exactly what Jennifer needed so we converted her unused closet into an office. See how you can do the same.

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How To Build The Be Jane Three-Day Stay Closet

Opening up your home to overnight guests is a great way to catch up and show off your home at the same time. To improve your guests' stay and showcase your DIY skills, try the 3-Day Stay Closet.

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How to Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning out the Gutters is anyone's favorite job, but it's got to be done. Here's how to do it right.

" />They may be no more than an afterthought to many homeowners, but those little gutters do a big job! Well-functioning gutters prevent your home from floods, rotten siding and other moisture-related predicaments. With all the time and effort you have put into improving your home, it's important to protect it from the elements.

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How To Refinish Your Shutters

Step 1

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How To Install Shelving with Flair!

Shelving is a great way to add both functionality and charm to any room of your home. Wall shelves are perfect additions for helping you stay organized and showcasing your personal treasures.

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How to Unclog a Drain

We've all stared at a stubborn, cloudy puddle of water in our sink and thought, "Now what?" Anyone with indoor plumbing has come face to face with a clogged drain. Luckily, fixing a clogged drain and avoiding one in the first place is simple. Before you call the plumber or spend money on a harsh drain cleaner, read this.

The Problem

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Repairing Large Holes in Your Window Screens

Holes in your window screens aren't just ugly, they're annoying. Learn how easy and inexpensive it is to repair holes and even replace the entire screen.

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