How to Get a Green Bathroom

Are you thinking of upgrading or renovating your bathroom but are concerned with the environment? If so, start thinking about earth-friendly alternatives for your bathroom.

Get Green Clean!

Do you ever peer at that collection of all those cleaners under the sink and wonder if they're safe? See what biodegradable products can give you alternatives to toxic cleaners.

Shoo, Goo! How to Remove Sticky Stuff from Surfaces

Now you can get all kinds of goop off surfaces quickly and completely. The key is simply using the right cleaner and a scraper.

How to Lay a Laminate Wood Floor

Get rid of that dingy carpet or faded linoleum and install a new laminate wood floor. It’s cheaper than hardwood flooring and easier to install and maintain.

Regrout Tile

If your grout is cracking, worn, dingy or stained, replacing it may be your next do-it-yourself project.

How to Install Decorative Moulding and Baseboards

The world's finest places use detailed trim as an accent—palaces, museums, and banquet halls. Why not bring a piece of the high life to your home?

How to Install Carpet Tiles

Nothing looks worse than a carpet that has countless spills and years of caked on, crusty food and dirt. What to do? Carpet tiles may be just the solution.

We are Family! Create the Perfect Family Room

With busy schedules infringing upon all of our lives, it's important to make time for the family. See how you can turn your family room into a place the whole family will want to gather.

Quick Fix: Silence A Squeaky Floor

Nothing's More Annoying Than a Floor That Creaks and Squeaks. Fixing the Problem Means Finding Its Cause


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