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10 Tips for a Safer Home

Is your home as safe as it could be? Check out these safety tips, and see if there aren't things you are forgetting.

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How to Get a Green Bathroom

Are you thinking of upgrading or renovating your bathroom but are concerned with the environment? If so, start thinking about earth-friendly alternatives for your bathroom.

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How to Install Privacy Blinds

Decide where the blinds should go. The choices are:

  • Within the frame of the window
  • Outside the window so the valence of the blinds sits above and outside the frame

    For most rooms, you will probably want to attach the blinds within the window frame so you can add romance with fabric curtains that match the style of the bedroom.

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Get Green Clean!

Do you ever peer at that collection of all those cleaners under the sink and wonder if they're safe? See what biodegradable products can give you alternatives to toxic cleaners.

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Feng Shui for Your Front Door

Every room within the home can benefit from Feng Shui though layout, orientations, shapes, color schemes, and more. See how to incorporate a bit of Feng Shui into your home.

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Maintaining an Invisible Screen

Once you have installed the screen, you may be inspired to check out invisible, retractable window screens. Kits are available for double doors and French doors. Here are a few tips on maintenance:

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How to Install an Invisible Screen

Have you ever wished that your aluminum or wood frame screen door would stop blocking either your view outdoors or your lovely front door? Retractable screens, also known as invisible screens, will grant that wish.

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Dang Door! Simple Tips to Squelch That Squeak

Before that door drives you stark, raving nuts, try the following quick fixes to save your sanity.

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How To Install a Deadbolt

Nothing is worse than living in a house where you don't feel safe. So if you are seeking a tad more security, a deadbolt on your entry doors is a pretty good investment.

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