Love Your Kitchen Cabinets Again

If your kitchen cabinets are drab and boring then your kitchen probably is too! Here are a number of quick and easy projects to greatly enhance not only your cabinets, but your entire kitchen.

How to Hire the Right Contractor for the Job

Remodeling your house, whether you are replacing a countertop or adding another level, can be a nerve wracking experience. There are so many people to hire and details to plan that you can get overwhelmed. First, take a deep breath and remember that people have been remodeling their homes for a very long time. With a little patience, a lot of research and some advice that has worked for others, you can do this!


Protect Yourself from Head to Toe

It may sound silly having to wear things to protect yourself when you are just doing things at home, but it is important. Here's a list of how to look after your most valuable resource, YOU!

All About Sandpaper

Whether you are re-finishing furniture, removing rust, or smoothing out spackle on a wall, the right type of sand paper can make a world of difference.

Add a Little Heat to Any Room With a Faux Fireplace!

A fireplace typically adds so much more than just warmth. As the
central gathering place, the fireplace is often the focal point of any
room. But, unfortunately, we're not always lucky enough to have


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