How To Install Wainscoting

Remove the baseboards by prying them off with a putty knife. (In some cases, you can keep your existing baseboards, but it won't look as nice.) Remove your old baseboards gently, as not to damage the drywall. If the putty knife is not working, use a pry board instead.

How to Build an Outdoor Barbeque

Imagine relaxing on your patio with your very own bar and built-in barbeque.

How To Install a Bamboo Wall

Why continue to live with a cold, gray stone wall when you can easily spruce it up with a bit of bamboo? A simple and inexpensive task, this project involves covering your wall with a warm and inviting bamboo wall treatment (sometimes referred to as Bamboo Fencing) that can be found at any home improvement center.

How to Choose Cordless Power Tools


Cut the Cord!
Be Jane's Guide to the Best New Power Tools on the Market

How to Build a Fence

Good fences may make for good neighbors, but we like to think that a good fence can be so much more. A well-built fence can buffer wind, keep kids safe, and deter unwanted critters. Aesthetically speaking, a fence can give your property that coveted 'dream home' look.

How to Install an Inviting Front Gate

It's probably the first thing your friends will notice as they pull up to your house: the gate. Whether picket white, wrought iron, rustic or sophisticated, your gate is the "official" doorway to your property. It not only sets a style, but a well conceived gate will provide security and help create a solid first impression.

How To Fix a Large Drywall Hole

In less than a half hour, life's little mistake can become an invisible memory.

How To Fix a Small Drywall Hole

Everyday life leaves its reminders on our homes. If your family room walls are starting to look like Swiss cheese, relax, you can fix them in minutes.

101 Guide: All About Adhesives

The True Glue for You!
A Bonding Guide to Finding the Perfect Adhesive for Any Job

It happens all the time--something breaks, you reach for the nearest glue and moments later, end up with a gooey, still-broken, mess. But glue is a glue, right? Well, actually, no. In order to successfully glue two components together, you need to take into account what you're gluing, where you're sticking it, and how much strength it will need to do once it dries.

What Makes Stuff Stick?

How To Refinish Your Cabinets

To begin, you'll first need to take down all of your cabinet doors. The reason why you have to pull all of the doors off is to expose the entire surface area to be worked on; both for the doors and the cabinets.


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