How To Transform Your Closet into an Office

Creating a room that could do double duty-a home office and a guest room-is exactly what Jennifer needed so we converted her unused closet into an office. See how you can do the same.

How To Build Upholstered Wall Panels

At a loss with what to do with your guest room? Create a room to look like a luxury hotel, a place where your guests can come and feel pampered. Add upholstered wall panels!

How To Build The Be Jane Three-Day Stay Closet

Opening up your home to overnight guests is a great way to catch up and show off your home at the same time. To improve your guests' stay and showcase your DIY skills, try the 3-Day Stay Closet.

Project Green Light

Honey, Trust Me I Know What I'm Doing!
Simple strategies for getting your mate onboard with your latest project.


Your old faucets are driving you nuts. You want to replace them. You know you can do it. But your mate has put on the brakes. Now what?

How To Build a Customized Wall Unit

See how we built a custom piece of furniture that served two purposes, shelving AND seating.

Woodworker's Best Friend: The Router

Versatile Power Tool Gives your Projects the pro touch

How to Install Decorative Moulding and Baseboards

The world's finest places use detailed trim as an accent—palaces, museums, and banquet halls. Why not bring a piece of the high life to your home?

How To Install Shelving with Flair!

Shelving is a great way to add both functionality and charm to any room of your home. Wall shelves are perfect additions for helping you stay organized and showcasing your personal treasures.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Fan Club

You can install a ceiling fan in an afternoon-and enjoy the cost-savings and comfort year-round.

We love ceiling fans: they offer style, lighting, and energy savings all in one package. Installing one is project that will appeal to your practical and romantic sides at the same time-no small feat when it comes to home improvement.

Why you Want a Rotary Tool

Whirlwind Romance

Why you want a rotary tool

It might just be the most versatile piece in the workshop: the rotary tool. Cutting, polishing, engraving, sanding and shaping are all possible with these high-speed, hand-held wonders; they're truly the Swiss army knives of small power tools-and we love 'em!


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