How to Fix a Sticking Door with a Planer

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How To Unstick a Drawer

It's one of those common annoyances&a sticky drawer. Sure, it's a minor problem, but when the fix is so easy there is no reason not to take care of it.

5 Common Do-It-Yourself Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

I Never Read Instructions!

Regardless of how easy a home improvement project may appear, there are always snags. All of us do-it-yourselfers can relate to a story about the time we forgot to connect A to B, knocked over a gallon of paint, or installed shutters upside down. (True story!)

How to Install Floating Shelves

Sometimes a big bookcase might make a room look and feel much smaller. See how floating shelves can feel light and airy, yet provide some much-needed surface area.

How to Lay a Laminate Wood Floor

Get rid of that dingy carpet or faded linoleum and install a new laminate wood floor. It’s cheaper than hardwood flooring and easier to install and maintain.

How To Build a Cornice

Step 1

First, measure the window to figure out how big your cornice should be. You probably want to make the cornice slightly bigger than the window to give it appropriate proportions.

Add Romance with a Headboard

Revamping your bedroom is easy when you consider the room's main focal point: the bed! A headboard is a versatile, fun and quick project that is easier to make than you think.

How To Install a Pot Rack

Step 1

Make Your Own Butcher Block Table

Chop Chop!
Create Your Own Butcher Block Table

Looking for more counter space in your kitchen? Extra room to prepare meals, store food or showcase your collectibles? A butcher block table could be the answer.

These little rolling tables are quickly gaining popularity and can be found pretty much everywhere. But what if you are looking for something a little more unique? Why not make your own?

How To Accessorize Your Cabinets

Accessorizing is too important a concept to be confined to just dressing up. The fact is that many things, from the perfect Christmas tree, to the perfect patio come together because of the little touches that pull it all together. If you think of a newly made-over room as a little black dress, the hardware details you add are akin to elegant pearl earrings -- subtle, classy, must-have accessories. And when it comes to updating the kitchen, pulls, knobs, and handles are truly the jewelry of the kitchen cabinets.


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