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How To Install Pathway Lights

Looking for a front-yard upgrade that'll have visitors beating a well-lit path to your door? The answer is an easy to install pathway lighting set.

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How To Stain Your Concrete Driveway

Though, a new crop of concrete stains you can apply yourself, learn how you can turn that bland and ugly driveway into a beautiful and bold statement.

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How To Repaint Iron Railings

The truth is that everything breaks down eventually. Sagging, peeling, flaking and rusting are all part of nature's way of telling us to freshen things up from time to time. When it comes to home maintenance, it's easy to overlook the little things you see every day. So, nature steps in and gives us a little push, in the guise of environmental conditions.

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How To Install A Window Mounted Flower Box

Get color and fragrance both inside and outside of your house by adding a few flower boxes to your windows.

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How To Build An Arbor

Looking for a classy way to usher your visitors from the bustle of the street to the (hopefully) calming confines of your home? A pathway arbor helps guests make the transition beautiful.

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How to Install Pathway Lights

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