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How to Change an Air Filter

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PPG Pittsburgh® Paints Launches Innovative ColorSense Game™ 2.0

PPG Pittsburgh® Paints has put a fresh face on the process of selecting the perfect paint color by launching a new version of its ColorSense Game, available for free at www.voiceofcolor.com.  The enhanced color selection tool provides users with an even deeper, more meaningful consideration of colors that are best suited for their personality, style and interests. 


Sustainability has become a major factor in consumers’ product selection in all industries.  In the home décor arena, items such as Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades, featured at left, from Hunter Douglas feat

Caring about your own safety and security says you’re a smart woman

If you’ve ever been the victim of a break-in, you know the feeling. Not only has your home been violated, but so has your peace of mind. Learn how to be an empowered woman, not a victim.

Keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient – less is finally more.

Ladies, we get it. You want a house where the temperature is always just right and produces utility bills you can brag to your friends about. That day has come.

How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

Tired of coming home to a house that's cold at the end of a long day? Dread getting out of bed just to get up and kick the heater on? Then you're a candidate to install a programmable thermostat on your heater. Most of these thermostats allow you to program chances in temperature for settings such as home, away, day and night. If your family has a routine, you can program your thermostat to cool and heat as needed.

It's a Snap! How to Snap a Line

Put a perfectly straight line anywhere you need it with this simple contractor's tool

What is snapping a line, anyway? In this rare case in the world of DIY-ing, this is as simple as it sounds! Snapping a line involves making a straight line in chalk across a surface using a simple tool called a chalkline.

When Would I Want to Snap A Line?


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