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Tips for a Safe Fireplace and Chimney

What You Need to Know and Do to Keep Your Fireplace & Chimney Trouble-Free

The Color Barrier: What to do When You Can't Agree

He wants blue. You want yellow. Take heart though, this isn't as hard as it seems. See how you can come to a decision you both can live with.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Fan Club

You can install a ceiling fan in an afternoon-and enjoy the cost-savings and comfort year-round.

We love ceiling fans: they offer style, lighting, and energy savings all in one package. Installing one is project that will appeal to your practical and romantic sides at the same time-no small feat when it comes to home improvement.

His Tools, Her Tools, My Tools, Your Tools

If you're an avid DIYer there's nothing more annoying than not being able to find your favorite tool when you need it. Read tips from our community about how to avoid ‘trouble in the toolbox’.

Why you Want a Rotary Tool

Whirlwind Romance

Why you want a rotary tool

It might just be the most versatile piece in the workshop: the rotary tool. Cutting, polishing, engraving, sanding and shaping are all possible with these high-speed, hand-held wonders; they're truly the Swiss army knives of small power tools-and we love 'em!

Give Your Pet Space

Our pets are more than just loyal friends—they're members of our families. But even pets need a little time to themselves. See how to create a place in your home that your pet can call their own.

10 Money and Energy Saving Tips You Can Use This Summer

This summer, see how you can make saving money a breeze by introducing a few simple improvements to your home.

Keep Cool and Save Money This Summer

Do It Yourself Or Go Pro?

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So, you've finally decided to change that dated faucet in the kitchen. It can be scary to think of changing it yourself but these days-now that DIY has become such a rallying cry-paying a plumber seems silly. Still, you feel stuck between your ugly faucet and your lack of know-how.

All About Brushes: How to Paint the Town the Right Way

Whether it's a modest touch-up of the guest bathroom or a complete redo of your cathedral-ceiling living room, the right tool for your next paint job can go a long way in determining the end result. You may say, "It's a brush, how hard can it be?" The answer lies in this simple analogy: the difference between an adorable finger-painted masterpiece and an exquisite watercolor of your favorite scene. Given all factors being equal (skill, age, paint)--the tool--makes all the difference in the world. And while we love finger paints, sometimes the job calls for a more precise application.

Home Sweet Home Improvement

10 ways to keep your relationship happy, healthy, and positive while working side by side with your mate.


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