Regrout Tile

If your grout is cracking, worn, dingy or stained, replacing it may be your next do-it-yourself project.

Goodbye Smelly Garbage Disposal

My Garbage Disposal Stinks!
Bring a Fresh Lemon Scent to your Kitchen Sink

Nothing ruins your appetite faster than a rancid odor. So the last thing you want in your home is for your kitchen to smell like the city dump. If you've got a sour odor floating about your kitchen and you've removed the usual suspects like rotting food or an overflowing trash can, sniff-test your garbage disposal.

How to Install Cable Lighting

Most of us live with the lighting our home came with. But when we show you how easy it is to change out a light fixture, you'll realize that you've literally been 'in the dark' for too long.

How To Install a Dimmer Switch

If you've never had a dimmer switch on any of your lighting, you're in for a treat. This easy-to-install device will add ambiance to every room in your house.

How to Install Decorative Moulding and Baseboards

The world's finest places use detailed trim as an accent—palaces, museums, and banquet halls. Why not bring a piece of the high life to your home?

How to Winterize Your Windows

Baby it's cold outside!
How to Keep Your Windows From Letting In The Cold

Window into Warm

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With the winter about to blow in, don't spend another year throwing money out the window. By sealing your windows before the season hits you'll keep warmer during those long winter months and cut your heating bills by more than 30%!

Is Your Home In The Mood For Love?

When you are juggling long days at work, a family and social commitments, romance may be the last thing on your mind. See how a few minor changes at home might help get you in the mood.

Keeping Your Family in Touch

Creating a family message center is a great idea for busy families on the go. This multi-functional space entails creating a "magnetic" chalkboard using specialized magnetic primer, chalkboard paint, and decorative molding.

How To Install Shelving with Flair!

Shelving is a great way to add both functionality and charm to any room of your home. Wall shelves are perfect additions for helping you stay organized and showcasing your personal treasures.

How To Install Wainscoting

Remove the baseboards by prying them off with a putty knife. (In some cases, you can keep your existing baseboards, but it won't look as nice.) Remove your old baseboards gently, as not to damage the drywall. If the putty knife is not working, use a pry board instead.


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