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Create an Outdoor Living Room

It doesn't matter how big your backyard is, from the 10-acre backyards of the midwest to the tiny balconies of Los Angeles, your outdoor space can be turned into an extra "room" of your home.

Gardening for Your Senses

There are few places better for relaxing and recharging than in a garden you've created with your own hands. While spring holds a special charm with its promise of renewal, summer and early autumn provide perfect weather to enjoy the fruits of your labors and, perhaps, to add a few items that can truly engage your senses. Gardening really is a sensory experience, stimulating your sense of sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

Resolutions You Can Live With!

It's that time of year again! When you resolve to lose weight, live healthier, manage your money, improve your love life or any of the other resolutions we promise ourselves to accomplish in the year ahead!

What Can I do While I'm Pregnant?

While we typically encourage taking projects on yourself, being pregnant creates a few risk factors to consider before getting started. See what’s safe, at least for the next 9 months.


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