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Extend the Summer with Outdoor Heaters

Ready to put the patio furniture away for the year? Not so Fast!

Give Your Pet Space

Our pets are more than just loyal friends—they're members of our families. But even pets need a little time to themselves. See how to create a place in your home that your pet can call their own.

Tune up Your Garden this Fall

Preparing your garden for fall doesn't mean packing up and moving everything indoors. There is still plenty to do and more than enough time left to do it. In fact, with the summer heat behind us, gardening needn't be limited to the early mornings and late evenings. Let us show you how to tune up your garden for the fall and prepare for the winter ahead.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Before we get to the fun stuff, there is some basic maintenance you should cover before the air turns crisp.

Tune in to Outdoor Speakers

So, you have the patio, the food and the company, but what about the tunes? Here is the lowdown on how to bring your music outdoors.

How to Build a Fence

Good fences may make for good neighbors, but we like to think that a good fence can be so much more. A well-built fence can buffer wind, keep kids safe, and deter unwanted critters. Aesthetically speaking, a fence can give your property that coveted 'dream home' look.

How to Install an Inviting Front Gate

It's probably the first thing your friends will notice as they pull up to your house: the gate. Whether picket white, wrought iron, rustic or sophisticated, your gate is the "official" doorway to your property. It not only sets a style, but a well conceived gate will provide security and help create a solid first impression.

How to Lay a Flagstone Path

Creating a flagstone path to or around your home is surprisingly uncomplicated and adds a touch of charm to your yard. Even if you doubt your artistic abilities, building this mosaic-style path is just about foolproof.

What First Impression is your Home Creating?

The front of your house should also be a venue for expressing your creativity. See how a little imagination, research and little bit of time can give your place a serious kick of curb appeal.

Do It Yourself Or Go Pro?

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So, you've finally decided to change that dated faucet in the kitchen. It can be scary to think of changing it yourself but these days-now that DIY has become such a rallying cry-paying a plumber seems silly. Still, you feel stuck between your ugly faucet and your lack of know-how.

How To Install Outdoor Lights

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about how to light the inside of our house to add personality, ambience and to see what we're doing after the sun goes down! But you might be forgetting the one place lighting can have a significant impact - the exterior of your home.


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