Welcome to Chez Moi! Give your Guests a Hotel Experience

The next time you are hosting, consider giving your guests the royal treatment. See how a few simple, inexpensive ideas can make them feel as though they are staying in a luxury hotel.

Sticky Situation: Quick Fixes to Free that Stubborn Door

Whether it sticks a little or a lot, any door that challenges you to a wrestling match every time you try to open it needs to be dealt with. Prying with two hands while telling yourself it's good for your upper body strength is just enabling bad behavior on the part of the door.

Tips for a Safe Fireplace and Chimney

What You Need to Know and Do to Keep Your Fireplace & Chimney Trouble-Free

Is Your Home In The Mood For Love?

When you are juggling long days at work, a family and social commitments, romance may be the last thing on your mind. See how a few minor changes at home might help get you in the mood.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

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You can install a ceiling fan in an afternoon-and enjoy the cost-savings and comfort year-round.

We love ceiling fans: they offer style, lighting, and energy savings all in one package. Installing one is project that will appeal to your practical and romantic sides at the same time-no small feat when it comes to home improvement.

Do It Yourself Or Go Pro?

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So, you've finally decided to change that dated faucet in the kitchen. It can be scary to think of changing it yourself but these days-now that DIY has become such a rallying cry-paying a plumber seems silly. Still, you feel stuck between your ugly faucet and your lack of know-how.

What Can I do While I'm Pregnant?

While we typically encourage taking projects on yourself, being pregnant creates a few risk factors to consider before getting started. See what’s safe, at least for the next 9 months.

The Color of Love

What emotions do different colors evoke? Find out now.

Get a Bedroom For Romance

Your bedroom is the one room of your house where love should want to live. See what easy projects you can do to truly enhance the character and atmosphere of your bedroom in a matter of hours.


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