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How To Build a Cornice

Step 1

First, measure the window to figure out how big your cornice should be. You probably want to make the cornice slightly bigger than the window to give it appropriate proportions.

Add Romance with a New Light Fixture

Ask people to imagine a romantic scene and they'll usually mention candlelight, a glowing fire or some version of softened lighting. That's because when it comes to romance, lighting is everything. Which makes sense considering that it's pretty difficult to get into the mood for love with industrial-grade fluorescents beaming down on you!

Add Romance with a Headboard

Revamping your bedroom is easy when you consider the room's main focal point: the bed! A headboard is a versatile, fun and quick project that is easier to make than you think.

How To Transform Your Closet into an Office

Creating a room that could do double duty-a home office and a guest room-is exactly what Jennifer needed so we converted her unused closet into an office. See how you can do the same.

How To Build Upholstered Wall Panels

At a loss with what to do with your guest room? Create a room to look like a luxury hotel, a place where your guests can come and feel pampered. Add upholstered wall panels!

Decorate with Mirrors

It's the one thing just about every homeowner craves: more space. Learn how you can increase the feeling of space is by decorating with mirrors.

How To Build The Be Jane Three-Day Stay Closet

Opening up your home to overnight guests is a great way to catch up and show off your home at the same time. To improve your guests' stay and showcase your DIY skills, try the 3-Day Stay Closet.

How To Remove Old Wallpaper

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove all of the switch and outlet covers from all of the walls that you want to work on. Once you've done this, cover the outlets and the switches with blue painter's tape.


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