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How to Install Privacy Blinds

Decide where the blinds should go. The choices are:

  • Within the frame of the window
  • Outside the window so the valence of the blinds sits above and outside the frame

    For most rooms, you will probably want to attach the blinds within the window frame so you can add romance with fabric curtains that match the style of the bedroom.

Maintaining an Invisible Screen

Once you have installed the screen, you may be inspired to check out invisible, retractable window screens. Kits are available for double doors and French doors. Here are a few tips on maintenance:

How to Install an Invisible Screen

Have you ever wished that your aluminum or wood frame screen door would stop blocking either your view outdoors or your lovely front door? Retractable screens, also known as invisible screens, will grant that wish.

How To Unstick a Drawer

It's one of those common annoyances&a sticky drawer. Sure, it's a minor problem, but when the fix is so easy there is no reason not to take care of it.

How to Change Your Light Switch

There aren't many faster ways to update the look of most rooms than to change out the old style light switches with new designer style paddles. Nothing will date a home faster than old, cruddy switches on the wall.

Here Comes Baby! A Guide to Childproofing your Home

Kids are a lifelong commitment and keeping your home safe for them will be, too. Learn how you can childproof your home to keep them out of harm’s way.

Canopy of Dreams

Just imagine a bed that makes you feel like a queen (or a princess) and allows you to feel special every time you climb in. See how you can get this feeling by creating a canopy for your bed.

Faux-Painting Secrets: Give it the Tuscan Treatment

Cover your furniture and floor with tarps. Don't forget your gloves and protective eyewear. Apply taping mud, also called joint compound. This is a substance you already have on your walls in a thinner and more even coat; it helps get rid of the seams between pieces of drywall.

How to Install Floating Shelves

Sometimes a big bookcase might make a room look and feel much smaller. See how floating shelves can feel light and airy, yet provide some much-needed surface area.

How To Replace Recessed Light Fixtures

Upgrade your dingy recessed lighting in minutes and increase the mood of your room and transform your ordinary space into something spectacular.


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