How To Stop your Ceiling Fan from Wobbling

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Step 1

One of the primary reasons fans wobble is due to loose connections. If you are planning on installing a new fan any time in the near future, make sure you tighten all of those screws completely. Doing so will prevent you from visiting this page again!

If your fan is slightly off-balance, double-check all of your connections to make sure they are tight. This includes the blades as well as the base of the fan. Look especially at where the canopy meets the ceiling—this is often the culprit. Simply tighten the area as best you can with a screwdriver taking care not to strip the screws.

Step 2

To find the source of the wobble while turned off measure the distance between the tip of each fan blade and the ceiling. If one or more of the distances doesn't check out, this may be the source of the problem. The fan blade may be bent or loose and in need of repair or replacement.

Step 3

If all of your connections check out, invest in a fan-balancing kit. These kits include small weights which are used to balance out the fan. They come in a couple of varieties—self-adhesive or clip on.

Step 4

Turn on the fan to see which part of the fan wobbles the most. Add the weight per the manufacturer's instructions and test your work by turning on the fan. You may have to move the weight up or down the blade a few times to pinpoint the source of the wobble. Once you find the spot, attach the weight and you are done!

Keep it in Balance

If your ceiling fan is a little off kilter, you can fix it fast. Screws manage to loosen after time, making the whole unit a little wonky. A little investigative work and a few minutes with your screwdriver should have your ceiling fan back to normal.

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