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Can you paint over vinyl? If so, what kind of paint would I use? I want to paint a vinyl beanbag chair a different color as sewing is not my area of expertise. Thanking you in advance,

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Thank you for your Ask Jane question!
Yes, you can in fact paint over vinyl. But if – and only if – you get the right type of paint intended for vinyl fabric. Otherwise standard paint will simply flake, peel, and cause a complete mess (especially on something as moldable as a beanbag)!
Specifically what you need to look for is a Leather &amp;Vinyl dye or paint. These types of products penetrate the surface of leather, vinyl, or similar surfaces to form a molecular bond that restores or changes the color permanently. Most of them dry very quickly – within 30 minutes or less, and are said not to crack, flake or become stiff to the touch.
There are a few companies out there that carry such a product, including:
</p><ul><li>Rustoleum (<a href=";amp;SBL=1&am... site</a>) – you can usually find their products at large home improvement retailers, however, the color selection for this particular product is limited.</li>
<li>Colorbond (<a href="">view site</a>) – you can purchase online, and they have a good selection of colors.</li>
<li>Parasol Inc. (<a href="">view site</a>) – you can purchase online, good selection of color. They carry both Vinyl paint and Vinyl dye. </li>
No matter what product you use, be sure to first thoroughly clean the surface of your bean bag chair with an Acetone or similar solution. You want to make sure it is free from all dust, residue, and grime. Once dry, simply follow the manufacturers directions, which is usually as simple as spraying or painting on the color and letting it dry!
<strong>Lastly: make sure you do this project outdoors or in a very well ventilated location.</strong>
<u>Always</u> wear protective eye wear and a mask (which you can purchase from any hardware store) – these are not chemicals you want to be breathing in!
Send us pictures when you're done - we'd love to see it!</p>

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