Bring the Spa Experience Home - in 30 Minutes or Less!

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When you think of the shower you took this morning, how did you feel
afterwards? Were you relaxed? Invigorated? Or, were you thinking,
"I've got to change out that lime encrusted, water
spitting thing
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Face it! It's time to treat yourself to a new
Installing a new showerhead is one of the easier DIY
projects and it'll take less than half-an-hour to
complete. Check out our How-To Project: href="spashowerheads">Spa-licious! How
to Install a Spa Shower Head
to show you how
truly easy it is!
But when choosing your new showerhead, you'll want to take a few
things into consideration:

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Do you want your showerhead to have multiple

Misting, spraying, massaging - a few extras can really make the
difference in enhancing your shower experience.

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Do you want it to be able to hold it in your hand or just a

Both have their benefits, but a handheld shower head is easy
to maneuver and puts the water where you want it.

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Do you want your showerhead to be easy to clean?

Let's face it, removing hard water deposits from a
showerhead is fun for no one.

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What kind of warranty should it have?

You certainly don't want to have to replace it any time

Along with function, it should add to the
Many so called, "shower massagers" come in one color, or
finish, and add little if anything to your bathroom's look and
When you add the element of a luxurious showerhead to your bathroom,
you give it the feel of a five-star hotel with the functionality of a
One line of products in particular seem to accomplish it all: The new
FRESCIA and SERENA hand held showers and showerheads by JACLO bring
the spa experience home.

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The Frescia Hand Held Shower (Model Number SH-S438) has
three functions - full rain spray, invigorating massage
and the all new Nebulizing Mist Spray. The nebulizing
mist spray is an experience simply not to be missed.
The Frescia line features JACLO's "easy
clean" nibs, which make hard water stains a thing of
the past.
Most showerheads get clogged with lime and hard water deposits, but
the rubber nibs on the Frescia units are pliable and can be rubbed to
easily wash them away.

The FRESCIA has a 4" diameter spray face which is available in
light or dark grey, while the body of the handheld unit is available
in any one of fourteen designer finishes such as satin nickel and the
very trendy oil-rubbed bronze. These Designer Finishes all carry a
Lifetime Warranty from JACLO.
If you don't have the room for a hand held shower, the FRESCIA
also has a matching showerhead (model number SH-S138) which is
available in the classic Euro-square style or the new JACLO RONDO
design (model number SH-S148).
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One more showerhead in the Jaclo line that we love is
the SERENA SH-S128 showerhead which with its 3"
face is a smaller, lighter version of the FRESCIA.
It is also available in fourteen designer
finishes and comes available with a " target="top">
matching handheld shower
that has ALL of the FRESCIA's
features including the Nebulizing Mist Spray and
"easy clean" nibs.
The SERENA also offers up 2 extra combination spray patterns for a
total of 5 shower functions.
Both the FRESCIA and SERENA showerheads have a solid brass swivel ball
joint allowing for an incredible 40 degrees of angle change.
Changing out an old shower
is an easy project that will bring you years of
pleasure. And when you choose the right mix of functionality and
décor, a showerhead isn't just a purchase for your home,
but an investment in your livelihood.

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I have a three fourths bath downstairs and I want to put a tub in and replace the shower that now stands there. But so far it is the space that seems to be the problem. I need new cabinets and I want the linen closet as part of the cabinet redo.

good luck let me know how it goes. i am going to try to remodle my bathroo this winter myself

When the Honey Do list becomes Honey I'm Done, call for help from a freind that is not scared of DYI and use all Jane DYI tips, Women doing for women ; Buy the Pink Tool Belt supprt Breast Cancer Awareness and Keep the DYI tips coming.

I want to re-do my bathroom but it's the only bath in our home. I am hoping to hire someone that will let me work along with them, so I can save some $ and learn. The bathroom is the pits.

I would love to find someone skilled that would allow me to work with them so I can cut cost and learn. If anyone knows someone like this in the Phila. area, please send me an reply.

My husband and I are just moving into a home that is about 100 years old. It has tons of potential and awesome wood floors! However EVERYTHING is painted WHITE. I mean EVERYTHING. Where do I start? We have not lived in Salem, Oregon for very long so, we are renting this home. They seem pretty open about making sane changes and reimbursing us for the cost of supplies by deducting cost from our rent. There is the UGLIEST green,yellow and brown linoleum in our kitchen. I would like to try and tile the kitchen and bathroom. How would you approach my landlords? They are pretty easy going, but, I do not want to freak them out too soon. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nancy Jones

I have a tiny bathroom, but I have used some tips from here to maximize it and make it more relaxing. First thing I did was install one of these shower heads. I also had trouble with cabinet sizing. I have waited a while not wanting to pay too much,but last week,I found a small secretary desk I forgot I had tucked in my back porch. It's even the right wood finish. I'm so excited!!! I won't have to pay a dime and it's perfect! It is narrow and has a top desk part that supposedly opens to write letters on. It never was very useful for that because it's too small, but it will be great for the bathroom. Then it has a drawer and finally a larger cabinet underneath. cool!!!

I love this website! I always get so inspired.